Vicious Ant Eris Hybrid AIO Air Flow Insert

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Optional ultem air flow inserts for the Eris Hybrid AIO Pod Mod 


There are 2 variation included with your Vicious Ant Eris Hybrid AIO. The 2 x 1mm would suit those who prefer a more restricted style of vaping and the 4 x 1mm gives more air and volume.

The 1 x 1mm ultem air flow insert allow users to set up their device for MTL (mouth-to-lung). This is ideal for Vapers who have used the 2 x 1mm and were still wanting a tighter draw.

The 4 x 1.5mm ultem air flow insert is designed to give equivalent of 7mm for DTL vaping (direct-to-lung). This option is designed for vapers who have used the 4 x 1mm ultem air flow insert on their ERIS AIO and still craving a looser draw.

REMEMBER: The inserts need to be removed when building and don’t preheat too much to avoid damage or melting